The Little Things

Back in April, I wrote of some pain I had in my right wrist.  It was affecting my yoga practice and driving me nuts.  I hit it in a weird way while scrimmaging in Rome and then fell down some Venetian steps onto the same wrist within the same few days.  I figured time would make it better because it wasn’t a chronic injury, but my physio urged me to get x-rays.   I spent half a day at the hospital to be assured, in the end, that I had no broken bones.  Ok, so it will just take time, I thought.

But come June, it was still bothering me.  And most of all when I would do yoga!  It was discouraging because I have loved adding yoga to my life but was still compensating for the pain.

I finally went back to physio to see why the pain wasn’t going away!  I happen to be the type that thinks we run unnecessarily to doctors to fix every booboo, but I now realize I waited too long.  It turns out that one of the eight carpal bones in my wrist, called the lunate, was displaced and had to be kneaded back into its spot.  A bone that only measures a few centimetres was causing me such discomfort!  My physio worked on it for a few minutes here and there, pushing it back to where it belonged.  And now I am ok!

So, I just wanted to say, ahhhh, the little things.  This might be a life lesson…

“A small leak can sink a great ship.” 

– Benjamin Franklin 

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