Coaching Hours

I work with a firm of elite executive coaches, called Novus Global, that helps Fortune 500 companies, professional athletes, world-renowned artists, and business leaders create lives, teams, and companies that go beyond high performance. I am trained as an Integral Master Coach™, which is the methodology named by Ken Wilber as the most complete and comprehensive coaching methodology available.

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This is Soul Coaching
and Goal Coaching.

Client Feedback

Anais Maranda, Singer/Songwriter

Having Rosanna by my side, with her dedication, empathy and skill, was what I really needed to move forward and believe I had something unique to offer.

Jeremiah Brown, Olympic Silver Medalist

Working with Rosanna helped me affirm and discover what my strengths are and gave me a clear vision of what my path will be. I was left with clear action steps to execute on tomorrow!

Paulina Korzekwa, Owner Audacieuse Vanille

Thanks to Rosanna, I can now honestly, and for the first time ever, say I love what I do. Her coaching changed my life!

Sam Bouchard, CEO Robotiq

It was like Rosanna took my mind from my head and placed it on display so I could watch and understand myself. It was quite powerful!

Need a Breakthrough?

Life is too short to feel down for longer than 90 seconds. I’ll guide you through 8 steps to go from breakdown to breakthrough…fast! It’s free and it's my clients’ fave.