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Too many people think pursuing their boldest dreams means being irresponsible, so they get to the end of their lives regretting not having lived true to themselves. This doesn’t have to be you. There is another way!

Hello there!

My name is Rosanna, and I love progress.

I’m passionate and relentless to see good people turn their personal and professional dreams into tangible realities. As an Integral Master Coach™ and former professional athlete, I have the perfect balance of heart and grit to support you in overcoming your challenges and achieving what you truly want.







Consulting & Team Training


Whether you’re leading an organization or your family, you will define your vision for a future that thrills you, and then we’ll get to work to see you make it happen. Through a rigorous, heart-centered and accountable coaching approach, we will get clear on where you are, where you want to go, what developmental muscles you need to build, and then make it happen.

Consulting & Team Training

I consult, design and facilitate team trainings on the topics of trust, strengths, communication and teamwork. Together, we will plot your waypoints toward your strategic objectives without leaving your people and company culture behind.


Want to understand your purpose? Wishing you could express your uniqueness in the world? Wondering whether a career in coaching is for you? These are some of the topics of the courses I offer that catalyze you stepping into your full potential fast. Whether pre-recorded or live, you don’t have to waste time trying to figure it out from scratch. I’ve got a blueprint. Let’s go!

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3. Create

Based on what we discover, we’ll create a plan to make your desired outcomes turn into a tangible reality.

Client Feedback

Jeremiah Brown, Olympic Silver Medalist

Working with Rosanna helped me affirm and discover what my strengths are and gave me a clear vision of what my path can be. I was left with clear action steps to execute on tomorrow!

Sam Bouchard, CEO Robotiq

It was like Rosanna took my mind from my head and placed it on display so I could watch and understand myself. It was quite powerful!

Paulina Korzekwa, Owner Audacieuse Vanille

Thanks to Rosanna, I can now honestly, and for the first time ever, say I love what I do. Her coaching changed my life!

Desiree Ruiz, Co-founder Les Lilas

The Create Your Why course helped me create clarity and purpose in my life. I’ve been on a high ever since and wanting more!

Rob Briscoe, CEO IEC Holden

As a business owner I love Rosanna’s ability to maximize human potential, build trust and meet the practical needs of the company. Rosanna’s coaching, advisory and team training has had a tangible positive impact on our culture and business results.

Danny Milligan, President Strathmore Landscape

From a business and investment perspective, working with Rosanna provides great value. From a leadership and team perspective, great insight. We learned to leverage our strengths and clarified our mission, vision and values. We have seen immediate and ongoing results from our sessions and will work with Rosanna again!

Anais Maranda, Singer/Songwriter

Having Rosanna by my side, with her dedication, empathy and skill, was what I really needed to move forward and believe I had something unique to offer.

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