Consulting & Team Training

The workshop was informative, fun, and the interaction encouraged was great. I would recommend, and already have, this workshop to everyone.

-Milt Vadrahanis, VP Global Professional Services, Explorance

Whether you’re looking for

A tailored team experience to transform your entire organization or an à la carte workshop to give your team a boost, I’ve got what you’re looking for below.

À La Carte Workshops

CliftonStrengths Workshop
Join 25 million other people in bringing the CliftonStrengths assessment to you and your team. In this workshop, you’ll discover your unique strengths, the strengths of your team, and understand how you can all work better together. You’ll also discover that what you’ve named as someone’s weaknesses might actually just be the dark side of their most valuable strengths. People leave this workshop feeling understood, empowered and more connected to their team.

Duration: 1 Day

Price: $3,500

Emotional Intelligence Workshop
The most intelligent people do not always win. But the most emotionally intelligent do! In this workshop, you’ll learn that emotional intelligence is a skill we can all build, and you’ll learn about specific behaviours that are holding you back. By taking the Emotional Intelligence Appraisal, you and your team will pinpoint the specific strategies to increase emotional intelligence, put them into practice, and then test your emotional intelligence a second time to measure your progress.

Duration: 1 Day

Price: $3,500

Create Your Why Workshop
Having a WHY is one of today’s most powerful leadership ideas. If you know your why, you will be able to handle whatever life brings you. In this workshop, your team will go through the process of creating its WHY, a purpose that nestles into the company’s vision and mission but that also harmonizes with the individual WHYs of each team member.

Duration: 1 Day

Price: $3,500

Organizational Development Consulting
As a former director of organizational development and human resources in a global organization, I’ve run different initiatives within a corporate environment to create a culture of leadership and trust. From leadership programs to engagement surveys, I will share my experience of what’s worked and what hasn’t in order to support you in achieving your objectives.

Price: $500/hour

Tailored Team Experiences

Meta Performance Team™ Experience with Novus Global

I work with a firm of elite executive coaches focused on helping teams collectively achieve impossible results. Teams that work with us are more resilient, effective, and cohesive. There are different options, depending on what your needs are, but the guarantee is that your team will get more done in less time and with more satisfaction. We will explore the organizational and relational systems that are slowing your team down and inhibiting results. Your team will become obsessed with growth, ownership, and integrity, leading to long-lasting transformation and a commitment to going beyond high performance.

Duration: 6 Month to 1 Year Contracts

Price: $10,000 - $500,000

Client Feedback

Rob Briscoe, CEO IEC Holden

As a business owner I love Rosanna’s ability to maximize human potential, build trust and meet the practical needs of the company. Rosanna’s coaching, advisory and team training has had a tangible positive impact on our culture and business results.

Danny Milligan, President, Strathmore Landscape

From a business and investment perspective, working with Rosanna provides great value. From a leadership and team perspective, great insight. We learned to leverage our strengths and clarified our mission, vision and values. We have seen immediate and ongoing results from our sessions and will work with Rosanna again!

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