With my online curriculum, you can master critical skills and apply game-changing strategies to improve your goal achievement, productivity, and leadership.


Create Your Why

Having a WHY is one of today’s most powerful leadership ideas. If you know your why, you will be able to handle whatever life brings you. Enrol in this self-paced course, and you will visit the stories of your life to uncover the themes and values most important to you. Instead of making up a random purpose statement, you will discover it from within.

Year of Purpose

People incubate their start-up idea, but what about simply incubating yourself? In this immersive, interactive and highly-accountable 4-month group experience, you will get to know what makes you one of a kind, and then intentionally express an element of that in the world. What makes the experience even sweeter is that you will have a cohort of like-minded people rooting for you.

The Create Your Why course helped me create clarity and purpose in my life. I’ve been on a high ever since and wanting more!

Desiree Ruiz, Co-founder Les Lilas

Need a breakthrough?

Life is too short to feel down for longer than 90 seconds. I’ll guide you through 8 steps to go from breakdown to breakthrough…fast! It’s free and it’s my clients’ fave.