A little more about me.

I fell in love with human progress after experiencing the highs and lows of my athletic career. The pursuit of being the best in the world, more than anything, is a journey of character transformation.

Which means…I believe in big dreams! I believe in your big dreams. In some cases, we achieve them. In other cases, we don’t. All in all, we’re a lot more likely to get what we truly desire if we have the courage to go for it.

So that’s what I’m here for… to coach and encourage you to go after what you desire, to push you to ask the question, “What am I capable of?”, and then advocate for you as you discover the answer is thrilling.

You see…

We often make excuses about having to be responsible instead of going after our wildest dreams because we’re really just too scared to risk failure.

The thing is, I’ve worn the gold medals, but I’ve also missed my biggest dream in the 20th round of sudden death penalty shots in front of a large crowd of people and got first-hand experience of: it’s not that bad!

I got up the next day. I ate breakfast. And I kept dreaming. 

Like a phoenix that consistently rises from whatever ashes befall her, I now dream bolder.  I want that for you.

My Mission

“To empower people to master themselves and pursue that which stirs their hearts, so they die without regret.”

Need a Breakthrough?

Life is too short to feel down for longer than 90 seconds. I’ll guide you through 8 steps to go from breakdown to breakthrough…fast! It’s free and it's my clients’ fave.