Change Your Life Or Change Your Paradigm?

A few years ago, I went up to the mountains in British Columbia for a retreat. I spent time with amazing people and was challenged in different areas of my life. After three days of digging deep, I ended up breaking up with my boyfriend, quitting triathlon and ending my relationship with my music manager.

I acted very fast. I had clarity in the mountains I didn’t have down at sea level, and I didn’t want to let fear creep in to stop me.

Fast forward to a few days ago – My friend sends me a Tony Robbins video about massive action and the blueprint we have for our lives. In a nutshell, Tony explains that we become unhappy when the conditions of our lives are not matching the blueprint of our lives. A blueprint is like a plan or expectation of how things will go. So to be happy, we either have to take massive action to begin creating a life that matches our blueprint or we have to change our blueprint.

Thinking back to my time in the mountains, I can now make sense of what I did: I took massive action! My life at the time was not matching what I truly wanted or imagined for it (my blueprint), so I made a change. My romantic relationship was missing x-factor, my relationship with my music manager was pushing me to value success over being true to myself, and my pursuit of triathlon was prolonging an athletic career I had been very happy to transition out of a year before.

Looking back now, three years later, I’m very happy with the decisions I made, even though they were tough to make at the time.

But now, the other option.

Changing our blueprint.

Sometimes what we expect and plan for our lives is not what we get, and we have to change our blueprint in order to be happy. For example, part of the blueprint I created for my life was becoming an Olympian. When I didn’t achieve that, I could have remained unhappy forever or decided to change my blueprint. A big reason I was motivated to become an Olympian was to have more influence so I could make a difference in the world. I wanted to be significant. By understanding I can create a significant life in other ways, like by being a world-class coach or a loving partner, my blueprint changes, but I still achieve happiness.

So, some questions for you:

1. In what area are you not happy?

2. Why are you not happy in that area? (Note how your life condition in that area does not equal your blueprint)

3. To create happiness, do you need to take Massive Action or Change Your Blueprint?

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