3 Goal-Setting Mistakes That Are Costing You Your Dreams

Sick and tired of living on autopilot? Feeling like the wheels are spinning but you’re not moving forward? Not awake to what’s right in front of you?

This free eBook will help you do more than set realistic goals. You’ll learn to BET on yourself while you discover WHO you want to be and WHAT you want to achieve.

ebook 3 goal-setting mistakes that are costing you your dreams

In This 27-Page eBook, You’ll Discover…

– Why setting SMART goals is not enough (and the critical missing piece you need to add if you want to achieve your goals).

–  Page 8 reveals what to do when life’s ups and downs feel non-stop and how to end the rollercoaster cycle so you can turn lemons into lemonade.

– A realistic and simple solution to overcoming autopilot to discover your WHYcalled the Purpose Powerhouse.

– The critical mindset shift you MUST make before setting a single goal (and why knowing your self-worth is unbelievably valuable).

– and so much more…

Hi! My name is Rosanna Tomiuk.

I believe in BIG dreams. I believe in YOUR big dreams. Sometimes you achieve those dreams; sometimes, you don’t. But you’re a lot more likely to get what you want if you have the courage to go for it.

This exclusive eBook will show you how…

Set better goals. Achieve better dreams.