Re-discover. Re-invent.

Re-create yourself.

When you transform your “WHAT IF” into a clear goal, you’ll live a life of abundance.

Re-discover. Re-invent.

Re-create yourself.

When you transform your “WHAT IF” into a clear goal, you’ll live a life of abundance.


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Stop Settling for the Status Quo


Live the Life You Deserve

How Much Is “Playing Small” Costing You?

Most people struggle to put their own NEEDS and GOALS first. When you don’t prioritize yourself…

  • You live life on autopilot
  • You’re full of self-doubt and constantly lack confidence
  • You live every day without clarity on what your goals are, how to set them, and how to achieve them
  • You’re not awake to what’s right in front of you
  • The wheels are spinning, but you’re not moving forward

You deserve to live a life of purpose and intention. When you become goal-centered, you’ll know how to live a life that COUNTS (that you’ve intentionally designed).

Here’s the BEST Way To Set Goals You’ll Actually Achieve


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Stop Settling for the Status Quo

No more playing small or letting self-doubt cripple your dreams


Live the Life You Deserve

Set better goals and live with purpose and intention

Year of Purpose is a 4-week course for defining who you want to become and what you will achieve in the upcoming year.

It’s where humans who are loaded with potential turn their “What Ifs” into goals that thrill them.

“With Year of Purpose, I set clear goals for my work and explored other opportunities. I challenged myself not to lose sight of my goals and not to get discouraged by the voice that told me I wouldn’t make it. It showed me that anything is possible and that I can move beyond the beliefs that were limiting me.”

Maranda Collins


“Before Year of Purpose, I didn’t stop long enough to reflect on all I had accomplished and what patterns I had that were getting in the way of me achieving my goals. After the course, I ended up achieving more than I did the previous year even while being pregnant and welcoming my baby girl. I will add that I’m much happier and satisfied because I learned to celebrate my many wins!”

Anais Maranda


“In Year of Purpose, I learned to live from passion and transformed my mindset. I took steps that led me to the job of my dreams. I did this all while keeping a balanced family life!”

Sandrine Quéré


You Deserve to Live A Life Filled With Purpose and Intention

You have a great life. A job that fulfills you. A family that inspires and excites you. If you told yourself a decade ago that this would be your life, you’d be pretty happy. Actually, if your life was a report card, you’d give yourself an A.

And yet, you feel like something’s missing. “There could be more” is a thought you often feel.

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You’ve been telling yourself for YEARS that you need to prioritize YOU… but every year, the calendar is too full and you lack the tools to put yourself FIRST. Because you don’t prioritize yourself, you constantly feel…


  • Unfulfilled – that nagging feeling that something’s missing in life
  • Self-doubt–  – there’s a certain lack of confidence in being able to achieve the goals you set for yourself (so why bother, right?!?), and
  • Confused – you’re unsure how to even get started, how to find STEP ONE to living the life that YOU want


At Year of Purpose, we believe you deserve to live a life filled with purpose. 


We understand how frustrating it is to outwardly live a great life, but inwardly know you’re not living the life you truly want to live.

That’s exactly what we created the Year of Purpose course to help you achieve. The life of your dreams (the life you deserve) should start TODAY. You ought to have more clarity for the year ahead. You deserve to know WHERE you’re going in life and HOW to get there!

Here’s how you do it:

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Create a Vision and Goals that thrill you for 2023

The New Year is coming… quickly. Don’t let it pass you by. Make the New Year a year of YOU.

Transform Your Life

Inside this immersive, interactive, transformational program, you’ll do more than simply set goals… you’ll upgrade your life!

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What’s Inside Year of Purpose?

Module 1 – Intentional Reflection & Visioning

Before setting new goals, we’re going to take a moment to reflect. We are going to look at what you achieved this past year, what you want to let go of and what your greatest lessons were. Once that’s complete, we’ll create a vision for 2023.

Module 2 – Motivations + Limiting Beliefs

We will look at the holistic categories for a fulfilling life and tap into what motivates you most right now. Then we will uncover limiting beliefs that cause you to steer away from creating results in areas of your life that really matter to you.

Module 3 – Goal-Setting

In this module, we actually set goals! Yay! We’ll learn about two different types of goals and learn a methodology that will equip you for the rest of your life. You will also learn how to measure things that don’t seem measurable. Remember, what gets measured gets managed!

Module 4 – Tracking Progress

After all you’ve done, this Module is about creating results, accountability and celebration. How do you make sure the goals you just set don’t get lost in a random file somewhere? We’ve got you covered.



The live classes will be recorded and available for you to watch.


There is! If the course hasn’t started yet, you can receive a refund at any time. If it’s started, and you complete the first two Modules and experience no inspiration or progress, you can be refunded all your money back. You must decide you’re not satisfied before Module 3 begins. In order to receive a full refund, you also must submit your Module 1 & 2 worksheets completed.


We will use Zoom for live classes, so you’ll need a computer and a camera. If you’d like to print your worksheets for each module, a printer (they are writable PDFs tho!). We also suggest a journal for note-taking.


Nice self-awareness! It is true that within a year, life can change a whole lot. At any forks in the road, you have the option to look at whether that warrants you shifting your goal. You will learn about ‘way of being’, and you’ll be able to ask what would my best self do in this moment of feeling trapped.


As soon as the course begins on November 21, 2022, you will get access to a private course portal where content will be made available to you. Modules are dripped 1 week at a time for a period of 4 weeks. 

Why apply for Year of Purpose Mastermind?

Finalize Your Goals and Way of Being for 2023

Get feedback from Rosanna. Input your goals and sprints into a project management software for year-long tracking alongside the group.

Learn and Commit to an Accountability System

Check-in on goals 2 times per month with Rosanna and your mastermind. Be held to highest level of follow-through and integrity. Get coached and feedback on real-time issues.

Experience Unlimited Growth

Proximity is power, and you’ll be with others who are committed to going for it! Learn from their experiences and achieve your goals in a highly supportive environment. This year will be like nothing you’ve ever seen!

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This experience is the next level of the video game. It’s not for people who are just getting started on discovering and defining their purpose. It’s for people who have some experience, some success and are looking to continue to upgrade with a group of likeminded people.

It’s the reason there is an application process. The community is curated for maximum impact and value.

How can you assess whether you’re the right fit?

  • You know that investing time gives you time back.
  • You have a high level of ownership, which means you make commitments and keep them.
  • How you get in your way is related to some degree of imposter syndrome. There’s a voice in your head that says, “Who am I to do x?”, and you’re committed to not letting that voice win.
  • You have an awareness of giving and receiving. So, you don’t hog space, but you also don’t act invisible.
  • You genuinely care about other humans.
  • You’re willing to get uncomfortable in the name of your dreams.
  • You’re organized.

The structure of the YoP Mastermind is:

  • 1 x 2-hour setup session with Rosanna at the beginning of the year (some pre-work required).
  • 2 x 1.5 hour virtual sessions per month. The virtual sessions are comprised of:
    • Coaching
    • Feedback
    • Special guests (brought in based on the unique desires of group)

Payment Options

  • 1 payment of $4997
  • 12 monthly payments of $420
  • A contract will be signed

Possible additions:

  • In-person meetups
  • Additional 1-on-1 sessions



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