Six Ways To Next Level Your Life

If you know me, you know I’m all about progress and development. Even if I tried, I think it would be impossible for me to quiet my hunger for betterment. It’s almost an obsession. Throughout my journey thus far, here are six specific things I’ve really found to make an impact on my life. If you’re into becoming that next best version of yourself, this stuff will rock your world!!!

1) Read The War of Art

I can’t talk enough about this book…and even its follow-up, Turning Pro. It unmasks the internal war we feel as we attempt to pursue our dreams and feel a lot of resistance. What is this resistance? How do we make sense of it? How do we overcome it? All in the book. Life changer.

2) Take the StrengthsFinder Assessment

Go to and pay only $15 USD to take an assessment that will reveal to you your top 5 Strengths out of a potential 34. Don’t overlook what comes natural to you just because it comes natural to you; these are your strengths, upon which you can build great fulfillment and results. Over 6 million people have taken this assessment, and it’s bang on. I use it with my clients all the time, whether with Trybal Performance or privately, and the feedback is great. Disclaimer: Make sure to read your Strengths Insight and Action Planning Guide.

3) Do the Landmark Forum

Have you been struggling with the same issue for a while or looking to have a major breakthrough in your life? In just 3 days and $650, everything can transform. The second course following the Forum, The Advanced Course, is even better, but you have to do the Forum as a prerequisite. Disclaimer: the business model of this company is annoying and you might experience feeling pushed to take the course if you attend an introduction. Forget that. That’s not the point. The content and experience of the course, beyond any business model, is life-changing. I speak from experience.

4) Work out

I’m telling myself this as I tell you this. Good thing is I have a background of having religiously worked out. The impact? Crazy renewal of the mind! I can’t tell you how many days I’ve felt depressed and then got my butt to a workout to suddenly feel completely refreshed. Look, your mind is sneaky. It can convince you that life is terrible. A good workout, especially in the moment you least want to, can change everything. And I’m not even talking about your body.

5) Consider your spirituality

Are we spiritual beings having a human experience or human beings having spiritual experiences? I think it’s the prior. If you know me, you’ve known me to be a Christian. Currently, I’m confused; yet how big of a mistake would it be for me to neglect the extraordinary experiences I’ve had, almost mystical, in encountering God because I’m turned off by certain dogmas? There’s something happening on this planet beyond what the naked eye can see, and I think it’s possible we could miss some of life’s fullness if we don’t consider it.

6) Have someone who knows everything about you and still loves you

Secrets give you ulcers. So I tell my sister everything (let’s be honest, my mom probably knows everything, too!). Sometimes I’ve had to tell her things I don’t want to, but the authenticity is liberating. She’s my best friend, knows everything about me, is honest with her concerns, supports my endeavours, and is there with me through thick and thin.


Now, what about you? What has next-leveled your life? Do share!

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