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Would You Dare Say It?

Your dream? Specifically? With detail?

Would you profess it aloud? So everyone knows you’re going for it?

What’s the risk? That it doesn’t come true and everyone knows?

The truth is, if you write it down and hang it on the wall in a public place, like your workplace, it will stare you in the face like a laser-beam when the dream goes unfulfilled. You’ll cry.

And they’ll all know you failed.

But they’ll all know you went for it, too, the way I know my friend went for it when I saw her dream on the wall. Literally. She hung it up for all of us to see.

I know what she was shooting for. 

And I now know it didn’t happen as planned. 

But I am so moved by her courage to dream boldly and tell the world about it.

She’s sad, I’m sorry, and yet I’m inspired by her beauty.

What if an honest effort towards anything great is the accomplishment of a dream in itself?  What if a genuine effort to create anything meaningful is more than enough to inspire?

There will be good endings and bad. But, oh, to dream!


I say, dream on. Dream on the wall for us to see.


  • Sarah-Jeanne
    Posted at 11:09h, 11 September Reply

    To tell or not to tell? That is the question.

    I’ve been disappointed by the past, when I was going for something, telling everyone, and then not achieving it. It hurts, because everyone knows about it. And you feel ashamed.

    But I’ve felt great too. I had this huge oversea internship project. It took me a while to find it, and everyone knew I was looking for it. It scared me, because I knew I would feel ashamed if I didn’t succeed, with all those people thinking I was going to succeed. But oh! did it feel amazing when I got there, lived that lifetime opportunity. My friends, family, teammates, teachers, school colleagues, they could all support me because they knew where I was. Because I spent the whole year telling them I had this dream. And because they knew how hard I worked for it.

    Internship France 2012, check. I have a new project. I don’t talk about it outloud yet. But a few people do know I’m working on something a little smaller, which will get bigger if I make it that far.

    If it doesn’t work, if I only achieve this small project, they’ll still be proud of me. So will I. But if it does work, they’ll be proud AND amazed, because they never saw it coming.

    And then, I will say “I made it!”

    • Rosanna Tomiuk
      Posted at 11:57h, 21 September Reply


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