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Where The Growth Is

Sometimes when we’re out walking the city, my step-dad grabs my mom, pulls her in, dips her down and gives her a kiss. My mom squeals, “Stop!” like a little school girl. My step-dad is not phased by her pushing him back because he sees the reality – she has a huge smile on her face.

My boyfriend is the same in that at any given moment, he may have a whimsical thought he wants to suddenly execute on, and I’ll think, “Waiiiiit, what’s the plan!?” He’ll do something spontaneously, and I’ll find myself thinking, “Wow!” juxtaposed with, “What is he doing?!?!!? Stop!”

And I think that’s where the growth is.

The moments that grow us are moments where there’s tension. There is mix of wonder and “Stop!!!”. We’re being stretched from who we are, from what’s normal, to another possibility that brings forth discomfort yet wonder.

I see it in my mom, and I see it in myself.

If you take a moment to observe some moments of tension in your life, can you see the stretch that’s bringing you into a new possibility for yourself? Can you see growth birth out of moments that are uncomfortable? Share in the comments below!


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