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The Little Goal Before The Big Goal

Yesterday I met with some high school athletes at their year-end sports gala. The students asked me questions, looking for insight on how to build their sport careers. My favourite part was asking the kids their dreams. One girl told me she wanted to run a marathon. Another said she wanted to compete in an Ironman. There was an issue though: these girls were fifteen and their bodies weren’t ready for this sort of torture…errr…performance!

It sounds familiar.

How many of us have dreams but aren’t quite ready? How many of us see what’s possible for how we’ll contribute to humanity but haven’t quite become what that looks like yet?

It makes me think of a quote I’m often challenged by: “Don’t underestimate your potential or overestimate your readiness.” (Erwin McManus)

For those of us who are eager beavers, the questions comes, “Well, what can I do NOW???” I know those girls didn’t want to wait, and neither do I.

As we chatted it over, we thought of actions each girl could take this summer that would help them fulfill on the bigger dream one day. Ironman girl decided she would compete in a sprint distance triathlon. She knows how to do all three sports but needs to experience competition! Marathon girl said she knows she can’t lift heavy weights at her age, but she’s started to lift a little. She’s also going to keep playing soccer and running shorter distances until her body is more developed.

Do you have a big dream that seems beyond you? What’s the little dream you can tackle first that contributes to the bigger dream? What can you do this summer to move things forward? Do share in the comments below!

Finally, I’ll leave you with this question: How do you eat an elephant?







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