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Spilling your secret to success…

You shouldn’t spill it, right? If you tell your secret, everyone will know, and then they can become successful too – maybe even more successful than you.

I’ve felt that way before. It’s not an uncommon train of thought. I just read the forward of a book on screenwriting by one of the best spec screenwriters of all time (Save The Cat, Blake Snyder), where the publisher jokes with the author, saying, “Are you sure you want publish this book? You’re going to up the competition!”

But then I thought of all the people offering amazing advice on how to get to where they are. Like Von Wong, a photographer who does behind-the-scene videos of his photo shoots, so people can learn new techniques.

So, what to do. What to do! What’s the best practice?

The other side of the coin is – when you offer your secrets, you become a helper of humanity. It’s not the telling of the secret of success that begets the success, anyway. It’s the execution. How many of us know the secret to creating the life and success we’ve always wanted and still don’t have it?

So, don’t be scared to share your secrets. Bless the world with them. You will be humbled when the one you taught has surpassed you in grandeur (if that even happens), and you might notice you have a lot more allies to share their secrets with you (!!!).





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