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A few months ago, I posted a song on YouTube, Made It (remember, thaaat one?!), which served as the birthplace for a lot of fun opportunities in my music career.

Well, guess what?

I was not going to post it!

It was really imperfect. At least to me. The real video dude didn’t show up – he chose his Audi commercial over me! (How dare he!) We were missing equipment, we had to do many takes as a result, I feared my moodiness about Audi boy had come through on the recording and BLABLABLABLABLA.

I just wasn’t pleased.

But, my friends were at the Olympics. And the opening ceremonies were the next day. So, I asked if I could still do what I set out to do even though it wasn’t exactly as I had hoped? Could my goal to inspire my teammates at the Olympics be met? Would some flat notes and slip-ups ruin it all?

Well, no.

So, I posted it. And the rest is history. In the making!

Seth Godin calls it SHIPPING, Erwin McManus calls it EXECUTING IMPERFECTION. Call it whatever you want, but this is what it’s about:

Don’t wait forever to show us what you’ve created, thinking that it will someday reach perfection. You or it will never be perfect. Set a date and follow through.

The truth is, we’re all so imperfect. As is our work. The risk is, we’ll never show the world any of our beauty because we’re flat on a few notes. Or the camera guy chooses Audi over us, which makes us moody. (How dare he!)

Ship your imperfection. For you and for all of us. Set a due date and BANG, hit us with your best shot!


If it worked for me, it can work for you.

(The story of how it worked for me is here.)


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