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Discover who you are, what you love and how to get started with Rosanna Tomiuk, former professional athlete turned high performance coach.
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Rosanna's coaching has allowed me to tackle an ever worsening lifelong struggle that I have had. She provided tools and amazing insight into managing through (not eliminating) the situational difficulties that occur for me on a regular basis. I now have coping and management strategies that I can apply every day.

-Dean Barton, COO iEC Holden

After four coaching sessions with Rosanna, I was able to understand who I am, why I act the way I act and why I feel certain emotions. I learned to control my actions, eyes open on managing my weaknesses yet focused on my strengths. It was amazing! All our work continues to make me feel confident in myself, professionally and personally.

-Fréderique Tahon, Director Fed Finance Canada

Rosanna coached our key organizational players and successfully managed to bring to the surface everyone’s unique set of talents. Her coaching style enabled her to engage everyone’s attention throughout the whole workshop. I will be using Rosanna for future coaching projects and would strongly recommend her. She had a tangible impact on my business.

-Jad Chelawi, Executive Director at Hollis Wealth

From a business and investment perspective, working with Rosanna provides great value. From a leadership and team perspective, great insight. We learned to leverage our strengths and personalities using StengthsFinder 2.0 and Myers-Briggs Type Indicator and clarified our mission, vision and values. We have seen immediate and ongoing results from our sessions with Rosanna. We have worked with her twice and will work with her again.

-Danny Milligan, President at Strathmore Landscape

I first heard of Rosanna through a good friend of mine. I remember being very impressed at the time by the things she was discovering about herself and how it seemed she was living her true calling. When I began my sessions with Rosanna, my main goal was to find my career path, and I have to say that she provided me with the best tools to do so. I discovered what my biggest strengths and weaknesses are. I was also able to distinguish which type of tasks drove me the most, which types of work environment are best suited for me, and thus what kind of positions or projects I should be pursuing. But that's not all - aside from being an amazing life coach, Rosanna has qualities that make you feel like she's got your back. She is naturally very enthusiastic and optimistic, which can be very uplifting. She is nonjudgmental, which makes you feel very at ease. She will push you to pursue your true calling, and unlike other people, won't simply guide you to take the easy way out. She will make sure you are using your full potential. She is also a caring person, and it won't take you much time to realize she's chosen to do what she does because she has genuine interest in helping people. I, for one, would highly recommend her. The things my sessions with Rosanna have brought me have reflected very positively on my professional life and will, without a doubt, continue to do so.

-Karina Victorino, Entrepreneur

Rosanna's message to the students was empowering, poignant, and relevant, and her words helped to end our conference on the perfect note. What makes her truly unique is that she has a beautiful voice, and performed songs at various points in her presentation. Her ability to serve as both an entertainer and a motivational speaker left the audience amused and engaged all at once.

-Angela Kelley, Miss Edgar's and Miss Cramp's School

Canada's men's eight rowing team member Jeremiah Brown celebrates his silver medal at Eton Dorney during the 2012 Summer Olympics in Dorney, England on Wednesday, August 1, 2012. THE CANADIAN PRESS/Sean Kilpatrick
Working with Rosanna helps you affirm and discover what your strengths are and gives you a clear vision of what your path can be. I was left with clear action steps to execute on tomorrow!

-Jeremiah Brown, Olympic Silver Medalist

I had the pleasure to do some coaching sessions with Rosanna. I discovered my strengths and weaknesses and learned to leverage my strengths. I also widened my circle of comfort and localized blind spots that were slowing my self-development. I must say, some of the greatest value I got came from her high energy level and dedication to make a difference in my life. Her positivity and authenticity brought me a feeling of inner peace, giving me confidence that my challenges can be conquered.

-Marc Assaf, Business Development Wealth Management

Rosanna helped me learn my strengths and implement my next goals and objectives in life - just what I needed! Her life stories also helped me put my own life into perspective.

-Tracy Little, Olympic Synchronized Swimmer

Working with Rosanna was informative in a fun, personable way. I didn’t get bored…and I am an artist, so that’s pretty good!

-Michelle Vanderwier, Artist

Honestly, our session with Rosanna was one of the most illuminating industrial capacity building sessions I have attended. Rosanna is an exceptional facilitator. She demonstrates and admirable aptitude to read the room and confidently navigating the ebbs and flows of conversations, all while staying on point. Would I recommend this workshop? Yes. Would I recommend Rosanna? I wouldn't take the workshop otherwise.

-Scott Pelletier, Strathmore Landscape

The workshop was informative, fun, and the interaction encouraged was great. I would recommend, and already have, this workshop to everyone.

-Milt Vadrahanis, VP Client Loyalty, Explorance

Best training ever.

-Tsvetana Dimitrova, Professional Services, Explorance

Coaching with Rosanna was an awesome experience! I learned so much, and my way of thinking and acting has changed in ways I didn't know were possible. The conversations always flowed and there were always relevant activities or tasks associated with what we learned each session. Practical application was key, and Rosanna made everything possible.``

-Nick Escobedo, Nurse Manager, Houston Methodist Hospital

Rosanna, I don't know if I would have eventually made my new role happen without your guidance and support. In fact, I was probably going down a road of working myself out the door. Now I have a job I love and am gratified to have the support I have. I feel so lucky - thank you!

-Gretchen Jacobson, Director of Content Development, NACE International

As soon as Rosanna began her presentation, we knew our audience would be captivated. Her energy is contagious. She radiates such sincerity, compassion and has a very relatable personality. She presented in front of a large group of corporate employees, and sometimes, you can encounter a different dynamic when people are in a formal business setting. Rosanna adapted perfectly to this environment and the audience was extremely receptive to her presentation. She used great examples, spoke clearly and answered tons of questions at the end. She is a breath of fresh air and truly inspires and motivates you.

-Andrea Marcoux, Manager Market Campaigns, CAE