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Participate or Advocate?

I keep bumping into people who ask me what I’ll do with myself after water polo.  A number of people have asked if I’ve considered personal training.  I explain that sport and fitness will always be a part of my life, but that I’m more interested in training people’s minds and hearts than bodies.

The truth is, we can’t do everything if we want to be excellent at something. And I know that personal training is not quite my element.  All of us have to choose between a good and better option.  I’m beginning to ask myself these two questions as I hone in where I direct my energy.

1) In what will I participate? Participating is taking part  and sharing with others.  You show up and enjoy. I participate in yoga and running, for example.  I get more than I give.

2) Of what will I be an advocate? Advocating requires taking your investment to the next level.  You support, urge, speak and maybe write in favour of.  You direct your energy toward an ambition.  You give a lot, but it’s somewhat fulfilling.

When I’m invited into an opportunity that is asking a lot of energy but is in the category of things I only want to participate,  I say no.  When I’m participating in something I want to become an advocate of, I inquire about how I can get more involved.  And there’s clarity!

So, I ask, in what will you participate?  Of what will you become an advocate?



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