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On Results and Influence

I remember different times throughout my water polo career where I wished I’d had more influence. I wanted to be a better leader for my teammates and would think of ways to become that.

The things is, I overthought it sometimes because it’s really simple:

You become a leader when you get results. Tweet: You become a leader when you get results. @rosannatomiuk

 I could have strategized until the cows came home, but if I wasn’t getting results in the pool, which was the main reason we’d come together as a group of girls, it didn’t matter how many books I read on leadership. The reality is, and my mistake has often been, that too often good-hearted people waste time thinking of how to make an impact when developing mastery in their field of work would automatically do that very effectively.

If you want to influence the people around you, get results. Talk is cheap.



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