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On Alcohol and Performing

Last week, I joked around with my video director, Nic, that it’d be helpful if I had a drink before shooting these up-close-and-personal shots for my music video. It would definitely take the edge off and have me be a bit more fun. It was lunchtime, we were at an Indian restaurant, we had thirty minutes until our shoot, and they served booze. I thought I might order something for the sheer purpose of helping my performance.

The question comes, “Is stuff like this really a big deal? Does it really matter?” I wasn’t planning on getting hammered! But then I asked myself what the impact was if I find the courage I’m looking for outside of myself when what I need is to create it from within. They say alcoholics cease maturing emotionally at the age they become alcoholics – each time there’s a challenge, it is seemingly overcome by sedation. There is no actual growth.

So what do I have to overcome?

I’ve always thought of those of us with creative, deep souls as those more likely to fall into substance abuse. In the addict is a poet. In the overdose was a painter. Jim Carrey said this of Philip Seymour Hoffman last week after heroine killed him: “For the most sensitive among us, the noise can be too much.”

I know it’ll be a challenge for me not to take the edge off in the future as gigs get bigger and pressure becomes greater. I know how free I feel with a few drinks. My goal is freedom while being completely faced with all of my humanity.


If you’re an artist, and you drink before performances, explore it. What’s there? What’s the payoff vs. cost?



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