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Life’s unfair but we deal.

Life’s unfair.  In the big and in the little.

Here’s the little.

We’ll be at water polo practice–scrimmaging or working on power play.  There are tactics we run; however, in any given moment, you may spot an opening.  You see the goalie is out of place or  your blocker isn’t covering her corner well, so you forsake all structure and just take a shot.  Ace!  You hope.

If you score, nothing is said to you by your coach.  Your teammates may say good job. But, if you miss that net, this is where it isn’t fair.  Your coach goes on some rant about the anatomical impossibility of you making that shot, the technical problems, and how you didn’t follow the tactics.  He may yell or simply belittle you with a tone of disdain.  Who even knows.  But if you miss that shot, even though the net was screaming for you to put that ball in it, you’re in trouble.  He doesn’t tell you he saw that opening too, that you were smart for seeing it, that it was a good try.  Heck no.  Anatomical impossibilities.  Pfff.  Ha.

I don’t know how life is unfair for you in the little.  But I’m sure it is.  The same way it is in the big.  We just need to get over it, though.  We need to prepare, do what it takes to score, trust ourselves, and keep taking that shot.

  • Zina
    Posted at 19:16h, 11 October Reply

    You’re amazing <3

  • Lindsay
    Posted at 05:44h, 17 October Reply

    Just let it Rip Rosie ,Your Awesome, Good Luck in Mexico Ole

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