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If God were Energy…

I think of this often, namely because I hang with yogis and they tend to characterize any supreme being as such.


My friend, Kieran, tells me I have amazing energy, like it’s something I carry with me. He says it in a spiritual way, and I like how it makes me feel. It makes me wonder if he’s tuning into the spirit of God in my heart – that thing Jesus said was going to come after he’d ascend to heaven. That thing that descended upon the people like a violent, rushing wind. Like fire.

Like Energy.

I flirt with ideas of universalism and ask if Kieran’s experience of energy could be my same experience of the God of Christianity, only described using different words?

But then C.S. Lewis shows up and challenges me, as I’m sure he will you:

“One reason why people find [Energy] so attractive is that it gives one much of the emotional comfort of believing in God and none of the less pleasant consequences. When you are feeling fit and the sun is shining and you do not want to believe that the whole universe is a mere mechanical dance of atoms, it is nice to be able to think of this great mysterious Force rolling on through the centuries and carrying you on its crest. If, on the other hand, you want to do something rather shabby, the Life-Force, being only a blind force, with no morals or mind, will never interfere with you like that troublesome God we learned about when we were children. The Life-Force is a sort of tame God. You can switch it on when you want, but it will not bother you. All the thrills of religion and none of the cost.”

He finishes to say, “Is the Life-Force the greatest achievement of wishful thinking the world has yet seen?”

If God were energy…

With a face.


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