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I used to think…

…there were particular characteristics a person needed for me to admire them.  Conceptually, I understood what it’d take to be inspired.  For example, you’d have to be well-read and well-traveled if you wanted me to really look up to you.  (Well-read means you’re smart, well-traveled means you have perspective.)

But then it happened that I met June.  She doesn’t care for traveling, other than to visit her family in New Mexico.  She loves to stay home in sunny Los Angeles.  There are people there to love, and that’s all she needs to live her purpose.  And I want to be like her.

Then it happened again when I realized Krystina, our team captain, doesn’t read books nor care for them whatsoever.  But I am inspired by her!  She has incredible courage, includes the wallflower and makes me laugh so hard.

It turns out being well-read and well-traveled are only bonuses to what really impacts me, which is how I witness people love others and how I experience them love me.

What’s wild and humbling is that I wouldn’t have been able to conclude any of this if I hadn’t lived it!  I conceptualized something, but my experience proved different.

I wonder how much of life we think we have figured out with the structures we impose on how things should be or what we think we want.  I wonder if love might be powerful enough to sweep away many of our preconceived notions.



  • Jazz
    Posted at 19:32h, 16 May Reply

    I’m reading a book called “Understanding Other People” by Beverly Flaxington which tackles this issue.

    She talks about our filters, our “clogged” lenses and how as hard as it is to look at things with an objective eye we can’t….because of our past experiences. Since we can’t “clean” our filters we can only be aware of them and do our best to understand people with them.

    Short, good book, might be worth the read. You can have it when I’m done (soon)…

    • Rosanna
      Posted at 15:02h, 19 May Reply

      Ya, that sounds like stuff I learned through Landmark. There’s what happens–what you said, what you did–and there’s the story I tell myself about what happened–loads of possibilities based on my filter!!! Cool stuff. Helps self-awareness and helps us not hammer people because of our own stupid filters sometimes! Hope you’re well, Jazz.

  • david
    Posted at 02:39h, 17 May Reply

    Great line: “I conceptualized something, but my experience proved different.”

    So true, sometimes until I experience the beauty and character of other people that don’t have the same experiences or disciplines as me I view them unfairly.

    • Rosanna
      Posted at 14:59h, 19 May Reply

      Ya eh. It’s wild. I can be really judgmental until I hear someone’s story, too. Usually because it conveys love or awakens some love in me. Ohhhh life!

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