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Gimme Love from afarrr!

I was alone at home on a summer night. My new man had left town. He invited me to come with. I said no. It wasn’t the right context to be going on trips together yet, I told him.

So, there I was. Far from him. I made sense of my feelings by writing this song. I imagined what would potentially become or not become of us due to my decision. But I hoped he would still want me when he returned.

I sang out my window from the fourth floor of our apartment complex: “Gimme love from afar!…”


Do you ever make decisions you know are right for you or what you hope for but perhaps ‘wrong’ for the longevity of the relationship? It’s tough, ain’t it?

Here’s Gimme Love


V1: How you gonna be? / How will this test us? / I know I said no when you said yes /

Pre-chorus 1: Because I stayed here, it might mean it’s over / And I know that this could be the end / But I had to, I know I had to stay

Chorus: So won’t you gimme love from afar? / Gimme love though I’m far / Gimme love when you know that you’re ok that I stayed

V2: I know it’s like we came from separate worlds / And I know you’re like, “Who’s this girl?” / But if I see right, this is the better way

Pre-chorus 2: Because I stayed here, it might means it’s over / Because you left you might find another looker / But I had to, I know I had to stay


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