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This song is about emotions and wrestling through the decision of whether or not we should share what we’re feeling when we’re feeeeling it. The truth is, sometimes emotions need to be ignored and other times they are a radar for important issues.

One night this summer, I found myself in the wrestle. Although I was dating someone, I was surprised to feel very lonely. Given the context, I didn’t expect it – aren’t relationships supposed to cure loneliness?

I tried to analyze what I was feeling, wondering if I should share it or simply label it as emotions and carry on. Was this just my mind playing tricks on me or was there something more important to pay attention to in my relationship? What would he think if I let my walls down?

In the midst of this reflection, I picked up my guitar and notebook. Here is what came forth. I also did eventually let my walls down…!

Voilà Emotions:


Verse 1: How do I say it? / Do I tell you that I’m lonely, even though you’re nearby? / How do I play it? / Do I act stronger than I am and just keep quiet?

Pre-chorus: What will you think if I let my walls down? / Is this just nonsense and not worth our time? / What will I think if I let my walls down? / Tonight might just be a bad night

Chorus: Emotions play games / How do I know if they’ll stay? / I feel like I’m losing my mind. Emotions, they change. / But I can act by what I say / I’ll master them this time

Verse 2: How to convey it? / That I’m looking for more, even though you’re enough / How to display it? / A particular need, yet a heart full of love

Bridge: Not unless they change my mind / Not unless I’m drinking wine


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