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Cut it out?…or…Cut them out? (Who You Surround Yourself With, Part 2)

When considering who you surround yourself with, how do you know if you need to cut someone out or cut it out in the heat of an argument?

The million dollar question.

How can we know if someone truly loves us and is sharpening us when they confront us, which is uncomfortable, or whether they’re downers/haters/bad friends who need to be removed from our inner circle with all their negative energy?

The solution is simple.

Make verbal commitments.

What I mean is, people get up in our faces when they expect something different from us than what we’re delivering. Rather than giving people the opportunity to make up their own expectations for you, let them know your expectations for yourself or agree on a set of expectations together. A really courageous thing you can do is set goals and ask someone to hold you accountable to them. Intentionally asking someone to be a stand for you when you know you might play small is a commendable move. You might get defensive and feel you want to cut them out when you’re being lazy and they’re asking what’s up, but you’ll know it’s actually you who needs to cut it out based on the verbal commitment you made.

On the other hand, when you’ve communicated, for example, that you’re going vegan for a year and this one friend keeps trying to stuff meat down your throat, you might want to cut that friend out. In this case, she isn’t respecting what you’ve stated you’re about.


Have you ever wanted to cut someone from your life when they were only being a stand for your greatness? Have you ever cut someone out for not respecting what you’re about? How was that? Share in the comments below.


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