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10 Oct Life’s unfair but we deal.

Life's unfair.  In the big and in the little. Here's the little. We'll be at water polo practice--scrimmaging or working on power play.  There are tactics we run; however, in any given moment, you may spot an opening.  You see the goalie is out of place or  your blocker isn't covering her corner well, so you forsake all structure and just take a shot.  Ace!  You hope. If you score, nothing is said to you by your coach.  Your teammates may say good job. But, if you miss that net, this is where it isn't fair.  Your coach goes on some rant about the anatomical impossibility of you making that shot, the technical problems, and how you didn't follow the tactics.  He may yell or simply belittle you with a tone of disdain.  Who even knows.  But if you miss that shot, even though the net was screaming for you to put that...

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18 Sep When You Want To Quit

When you want to quit, here are two reactions that might come your way. #1  There are people that tell you they just want you to be happy, and that they'll support you no matter what you decide. #2  There are people that tell you it's more meaningful than what you've minimized it to be, that it's not always about being happy in the moment, and that you shouldn't quit. When you're really hurting and really wanting to quit, #1s keep you breathing.  When you're being a bit of a baby, #1s comfort you.  When you're really hurting and wanting to quit and when you're being a bit of a baby, #2s are anywhere from difficult to extremely difficult to listen to. When you no longer want to quit, you realize that #2s were telling the truth. When you no longer want to quit, you have the conviction to look into the eyes of someone...

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11 Jun Worlds Collide in China

We arrived safe in China. We sat on the hotel lobby floor, thousands of miles from home, waiting to get our room keys.  Gracefully and casually, a Chinese girl walks by and sits down at the grand piano to our left.  She opens her music book and begins playing music for us.  Beautiful music.  Music that awakens me from the lethargy of long flights. I look at her, with her cute shoes and head-band, and wonder what it took for our worlds to collide in that moment in that hotel lobby in Tianjin, China. The answer I found for myself was simple yet somehow mysterious and magical. Hours in the pool and hours at the piano created this intersection of lives. Worlds so far apart became worlds two meters apart because of some talent, some hard work and a lot of acquired skill....

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15 Sep Build Trust in Yourself

It's 1:04am, and I just got in from a jog.  Uhhh.I committed to going for a run earlier today, and then the day went away with itself.  I had this and that planned, so I decided that I would run once I returned home tonight.Well, it must be a full moon because I took the wrong metro twice in my own city and arrived home after 12:30am.  I really only inconvenienced myself about a half hour, but what was I thinking?!  I, first, took one metro in the wrong direction.  I, second, proceeded to fix my error.  I, third, forgot that I fixed my error and got off the metro at the wrong stop.  By the time I sat for my last ride, direction to destination finally figured out, I looked like I was high on something and seriously had to ask myself if I was dreaming.  I then thought...

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14 Sep Harper, The Riptide

I was in Hawai'i last week visiting my childhood best friend, Steph, who gave birth to her first baby ten months ago. Her daughter's name is Harper, and you'd smile as big as she does if you met her. She has dimples under both eyes that forewarn of the heartbreaks she'll cause, and the size of her cheeks almost convince you that her DNA transcribed something to the effect of squirrel-storing-nuts.Harper does not sit still and explores with the curiosity of Steve Zissou. She picks up everything she finds, and in order to experience an object of discovery to its fullest, she puts it in her mouth. (Yes, Steph has already performed kiddie heimlich once.) She crawls in the dirt and sand, smears food all over like it’s a work of modern art and repeatedly practices the new sounds that she’s learned to make with her...

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