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Build Trust in Yourself

It’s 1:04am, and I just got in from a jog.  Uhhh.
I committed to going for a run earlier today, and then the day went away with itself.  I had this and that planned, so I decided that I would run once I returned home tonight.
Well, it must be a full moon because I took the wrong metro twice in my own city and arrived home after 12:30am.  I really only inconvenienced myself about a half hour, but what was I thinking?!  I, first, took one metro in the wrong direction.  I, second, proceeded to fix my error.  I, third, forgot that I fixed my error and got off the metro at the wrong stop.  By the time I sat for my last ride, direction to destination finally figured out, I looked like I was high on something and seriously had to ask myself if I was dreaming.  I then thought that maybe I just needed to go straight to bed and save the run for tomorrow.  Jet lag, lack of sleep, who knows.
But then the better part of me argued back, imagining soldiers getting splashed with cold water in their sleepy faces to wake up for 3am drills.  Taking a 20 minute jog at 12:40am really can’t be that bad, especially if I committed to it.
So, I went.  And it was dark and Fall out there.  I had a few twentysomethings whistle at me from their cars.  I listened to Alicia Keys’ Superwoman (volume not to the max so I could be aware of nighttime creepers).  And it was done.
I’m home, and it wasn’t too bad at all.  And I feel happy with myself.
You see, if we want people to trust us, we have to trust ourselves.  And the easiest way to trust yourself is to make a commitment to yourself and follow through with it.  Check.
Here’s a great book on all this sort of stuff. It is very fantastic.

“There is absolutely nothing you can do that will increase integrity faster than learning how to make and keep commitments to yourself.”
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