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Whenever I’m justifying my inability to produce results or become who I dream of, it’s because I’m blaming someone else.  If only he was more like this, then I could… 

What I’ve learned is that whether or not someone is rightfully to blame is not the point.  Nelson Mandela had someone to rightfully blame.  The point is, by blaming someone else, are we able to thrive?  Not really.  We get in bad moods, become emotional and judgmental and end up limiting what’s possible.

The good news is there’s an alternative!  I love the way Seth Godin writes about it in LinchPin:

“If you’re able to look at what’s happening in your world and say, “There’s the pattern,” or “Wow, that’s interesting, I wonder why, ” then you’re far more likely to respond productively than if your reaction is, “How dare he!”

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