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A lot of times you can feel it.

You can feel if something is going right or wrong.  When something feels wrong, you have a window of time to do something about it until it begins feeling normal, until it becomes culture.  When it feels normal, you carry on, not making any change.  You carry on, but intermittently, the sense of wrong comes back, storms through what shouldn’t be normal and destabilizes the day.  And it’s a bad day.  But you hope that it’ll be ok, that maybe you’re too much of a perfectionist anyway, and that the goal can still be reached.  Because there is grace, right?

Yes, there is grace.  But not in performance.

And so you fail.

But it’s ok.  Because there is grace in trying again.


  • David
    Posted at 13:04h, 24 April Reply

    Thanks for sharing the reality in this

    Our actions extremely important, not to give up n trying or acting in the moment when we know wen should bc theres grace

    Yet,… There is grace and I’m so thankful for it, specially all the times I don’t act when I should.

  • Sarah-Jeanne
    Posted at 21:58h, 27 April Reply

    I don’t think you can fail. What is failing anyways?

    Yes, you may lose a match or a fight. But did you really lose on every aspect of it? For everything I fail at, I try to find what I won at the same time. Yes, your coach will still look at you and say that you failed. Because this is what the points tell you.

    It’s like school. If I get 55% in a linguistics course, I pass. If I get 55% in a didactics course, I flunk. With the exact same mark, I may fail or pass. What is it that decides if I failed or not? Perception. One day, someone decided that if you knew at least 55% of the content of the course, you succeded. Another person decided it wasn’t enough in their faculty.

    Failing has to do with perception. Take Hockey. Someone wins the Stanley Cup. Does this means that everyone else failed? No! A team got second place. Another one had more victories than the year before. Did they fail? To the eyes of us who only watch them, they lost. They didn’t bring home The Cup. But really? Is that it?

    How many olympians say they only got the bronze… Yep. You’re only the third best person in the whole world. No biggie.

    I don’t believe in failing. I believe in not achieving the standards someone established for you. Or the one you established for yourself.

    “maybe you’re too much of a perfectionist anyway, and that the goal can still be reached”

    And what is that goal? To get a medal? Ou encore de s’améliorer, de développer un esprit d’équipe et de vivre une expérience unique qui nous suivra toute notre vie? If the goal is to get a medal, good luck. There are very few medals to win, but tons of experience to gain.

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