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What’s at stake if you don’t live your life to the fullest?

Last week I spoke to a group of high school girls about who they were – to themselves, to each other and for the world. As I closed off my talk, I asked them what would be different in the world if they lived their lives to the fullest? And what would the world miss out on if they didn’t?

In other words, what’s at stake?!

In the art of story-telling, the main character has an ambition, and there is something at stake when it comes to whether or not their ambition is fulfilled. There are two types of stakes – philosophical and external.  If someone’s ambition is to free child soldiers, for example, the external stakes are kids freed vs. kids in captivity, and the philosophical stakes are justice vs. injustice (among others).  Furthermore, in the best stories, the stakes are high. For example, freeing thousands of child soldiers has higher external stakes than freeing one kid from a mean daycare worker (that’s even debatable); therefore, it’s a better story.

Here’s the table I showed them to display what’s at stake with my ambitions:

Rosanna's stakesHow will the world be better if you fulfill your ambitions?  Share in the comments below. Also, download and fill out this table (it’s like mine above but empty!) to help you process what’s at stake with your ambitions. It’s a writable PDF, so you can have fun filling it out! Here it is: If I Live My Calling!

Also, if you want to learn more about writing a great story with your life, check out Donald Miller’s StoryBrand tools.



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